are you looking for a change of colour? Would you prefer something subtle or dramatic? At LaParlour London, we cater to your needs.

We take time to provide you with a full client consultation. your colourist will recommend different shades which are suitable for your skin. "if there are any contraindications stopping us from carrying out the treatment we will let you know immediately. Whether you want permanent colour, highlights, lowlights, colour for men, or semi-permanent colour, we can provide you with the right products and expertise. Any colour service requires you to take a patch test beforehand in order to determine if you have an allergy to the colour we use. This will need to be taken 24-48 hours before the colouring service is provided


Dry and damaged? Hair loss? Do you want it fuller and thicker? YES?

Well, here at LaParlour London we believe in our products. We make sure the products we use help you to feel better, to gain more confidence, to make you see a difference after a few uses. One word Loreal. Not only do they smell FANTASTIC! their consistency of the product is just perfect. Come down to LaParlour London for the glamorous look you've always wanted.


Haircuts can make or break a look. Before we carry out your service a stylist at LaParlour London will discuss what you're looking to go for. We need to make sure the amount we cut from the length down to the layers, feathers and fringe suits your requirements. If you are looking to enhance your features or trying to hide your facial structure speak to your stylist! They will give you the best possible option to choose from.